Ceramics/Pottery 2 is designed to include the recognition of the properties, limitations, and possibilities of clay construction through hand building techniques. By producing original works, the student will gain knowledge of the tools and techniques used in pottery construction. Using vocabulary relating to ceramics and pottery, students will be able to make aesthetic judgments about their work, as well as the work of professionals. This advanced level of ceramics encourages the continued exploration of, and experimentation of clay as an artistic medium, with emphasis on independent creative research, learning the pottery wheel & other advanced techniques. Students will learn artistic mediums and apply them on their clay projects.

 Self Critique for Mask & Hand Projects

Self-Critique Questions MASK & HAND.pdf Self-Critique Questions MASK & HAND.pdf
Size : 250.606 Kb
Type : pdf

 Quiz Review

Ceramics 2 Group Review for Quiz 3.pdf Ceramics 2 Group Review for Quiz 3.pdf
Size : 424.633 Kb
Type : pdf
Ceramics-Pottery 2 Syllabus.pdf Ceramics-Pottery 2 Syllabus.pdf
Size : 283.355 Kb
Type : pdf

Supply List:

  • Pencils
  • Notebook Paper
  • 2 pocket, 3 prong binder or folder
  • $40 supply fee/year

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